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Bowtech is among a handful of manufacturers whose bows are distinguishable at a glance, and the Prodigy certainly illustrates the point.

This is not just a cosmetic quality. It represents, instead, a commitment to an overall approach to bow design that is reflected in the shape and relative proportions of the riser, limbs and cams, as well as any technologies intended to reduce torque or noise.

Bow Report: Bowtech Prodigy

The settings are chang ed by removing one screw and loosening two others on the PowerDisc associated with each cam. The PowerDisc is rotated to one of three marked settings and the screws are retightened. Bowtech recommends using blue removable Loctite when making these changes. Draw stops should then be moved to a corresponding position.

As with the PowerDisc, Bowtech recommends using removable Loctite to secure draw-length modules. The test model was finished in BlackOps, against which the gold PowerDiscs and red logos really popped out. Fit and finish on the test model was flawless. The grip is often the first thing I notice on picking up a new bow. The old grips were good; the new one is better. The Prodigy comes out of the box at 29 inches, so step one was to extend it to the IBO standard 30 inches for testing.

The test bow also drew the scales to about 72 pounds, so I backed it down to The limb bolts were not overly tight and turned smoothly. The test model was positioned at the Comfort setting, and I switched to the Performance setting for initial tests. Also, switching settings can affect draw weight or length. The changes are slight, but enough to change impact point and require sighting-in. Bowtech recommends finding centershot by measuring from the riser to the arrow at the face and at the back of the riser.

When the two distances are equal, that is centershot. I squared the arrow on the vertical and was getting excellent arrow flight without further adjustment. As the draw-force curve illustrates, the draw cycle on the Performance setting is fairly steep, building quickly up to peak.

It levels off then and drops rapidly into the valley, with a solid back wall thanks to the string stops.

bowtech prodigy for sale

At full draw I found it to be very steady. The speed is evident at the shot, but there is little if any discernible vibration, and the Prodigy is very quiet, especially with a stabilizer in place. Since the Prodigy offers multiple settings, I thought it appropriate to deviate slightly from our usual testing procedure on the grounds that the Prodigy is not a usual bow.

I switched back to the Comfort setting and did some additional testing. You can see from the draw-force curve that the Comfort setting does vary from the Performance setting. The initial climb to peak weight is similar, but instead of leveling off after this the draw weight slopes downward steadily, which means the shooter is holding at peak weight for less time during the draw cycle.

Despite that, the drop-off into the valley is still somewhat sharp. Though I did not test speeds at all the possible combinations of draw weight, arrow weight and settings, I did shoot a grain arrow at 70 pounds draw weight on the Comfort setting and achieved a speed of fps, about 14 fps slower than when set at the Performance setting.

Subjectively I found that the difference between the settings, while significant, was not as dramatic as the draw-force chart might suggest.Mountain Archery, is your single source for all archery and hunting supply items. From compound hunting bows, Sitka Gear, Mystery Ranch Packs, tree stands and decoys, to arrows and bow fishing equipment, Mountain Archery is proud to offer top brands at competitive prices.

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bowtech prodigy for sale

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2015 Bowtech Prodigy

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Email has been sent successfully.Archers now have a speed bow that has a smooth draw, vibration free shooting, adjustable, a pleasure to shoot. The BowTech Prodigy is currently on Special. We only have one bow in 60lb in RH in BlackOps.

It's time to shift your thinking. The aptly named Prodigy marks the beginning of a new era with the introduction of the revolutionary PowerShift Technology, a brand new technology that delivers versatility unmatched by any compound bow on the market. PowerShift is a game changer among bow manufacturers and BowTech is proud to introduce it on the Prodigy.

The Prodigy removes the need to compromise when choosing a bow. This brand new innovation in bow design allows shooters to have every bow they want with zero compromise. BowTech wanted a bow that would fit any shooter, every season. When it's time to choose just one bow, get all the bows you want as BowTech has done that with PowerShift Technology.

This technology is something you will see grow and expand over the years. BowTech will unveil many new technologies in the coming years that will fit nicely under the PowerShift Technology umbrella. With a simple quick shift of the PowerDisc, any archer can customise their shooting experience from the Performance setting maximum speed and knock-down power to its Classic setting hard-hitting but smooth or its Comfort setting effortless drawso you are really getting three bows in one.

This is the first time BowTech has come out with a series of bow designs that they are actually asking the shooter to engage with and do some of the set up themselves. The PowerShift Technology is amazing and the PowerDisc3, which is under the PowerShift umbrella, allows shooters the ability to choose and switch between three different draw-force curve options.

Bowtech Prodigy Deals in the United States

The 1st setting dubbed Performance was engineered for those who prefer raw power and speed. The draw cycle is a bit rigid and firm, but nothing that will pop a hernia when you draw it back.

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In fact, it is found to be surprisingly smooth for the feet-per-second speed it produces. The 2nd setting is called Classic, the setting most Midwestern whitetail goers will prefer.

The setting provides plenty of speed and power, but the draw cycle is noticeably smoother and the transition into let off isn't as abrupt. Perfect for tree stand and ground blind hunting. Those who hunt in frigid temperatures or simply prefer an ultra-smooth draw will want to slide the PowerDisc3 to the Comfort or 3rd setting. This setting promises a draw cycle so smooth you simply have to experience it to believe it. In fact, BowTech is calling the Prodigy, when set at the Comfort setting, their smoothest-drawing bow to date.

Best of all, switching from setting to setting doesn't require a bow press and it takes only a few seconds to adjust the PowerDisc3 on both the top and bottom cam.

All you need is an Allen wrench. Archers can have speed, power, a smooth draw or an effortless draw all in one truly revolutionary compound bow which produces zero string oscillation or hand vibration. OverDrive Binary Cam is truly the most advanced cam system ever produced. For unmatched accuracy, stability, symmetry, consistency and simple impeccable tuning with perfect cam synchronisation.

Rotating modules come standard with the OverDrive Binary Cam system. Rotating Modules. Time is of the essence.

You will never have to wait for replacement cams or modules ever again. Unlike most bows on the market today, BowTech bows do not require a new cam or module to set your draw length.


Simply remove the module screws, rotate the module and re-tighten.I discovered the sport of bow hunting about 6 years ago. Since then I have become eaten up with it and have had two different bows. The first was a Bowtech Destroyer and a Bowtech Experience. It seems to me about every years bow manufacturers come up with some kind of appreciable tech upgrade. The Destroyer was known for a being a very solid and accurate bow while the Experience won me over with its super smooth draw cycle and very steady hold.

With the line of Bowtech bowsI immediately noticed a new technology called Powershift. The Powershift system lets the shooter select from three different power settings. One setting is for max speed, one is for an easier draw and one in between.

I loved the idea of being able to step up the speed and power for a western hunt and then dialing it back a bit for stealth in a tree stand hunt. Bruce Marshallthe owner, took the time to show me the new Prodigy bow with the Powershift technology. I shot the bow at all three settings and true to their word, it felt like three different bows in one. Changing settings took just a minute with a small Allen wrench.

The Prodigy is very similar to my Experience in several ways but the Powershift was enough to get me to pull the trigger.

Bruce and his crew were awesome about helping me swap over all my accessories and had me on the road in no time. A few weeks later it was time to take my new Prodigy out into the field. A last minute hog hunt my first presented itself after a business trip to Texas and I was on my way. My evening hunt came and I found myself inside the small pop up blind, battling the Texas heat and mosquitos. After about an hour and a half of sitting I had my first customer.

I had to draw and hold for a couple minutes on three occasions while waiting for the pig to show me his vitals. Finally, he slipped up and I drew one final time sending a perfect arrow right into the boiler room. About an hour later I had another couple pigs come in and I was able to get a shot after holding my draw for a couple minutes.

The solid back wall allowed me to rest my bottom cam on my leg while I waited for the right shot. I was very impressed with the new bow and very stoked to kill my first two hogs on my first hog hunt! While I knew I would love the smooth and easy draw cycle, I was also stoked to find that I could let off draw much smoother as well without any jerkiness that might cause my arrow to rattle and alert the pigs.

The new Prodigy will be in my stable for the next couple of years for sure. Stay tuned for details. Forums New posts Classifieds Gallery Search forums.

bowtech prodigy for sale

Local Knowledge. Search Everywhere This blog.On our registration page. Some models do not have a serial number provided on the bow. If you cannot find your serial number in one of these two place, please contact us.

Bowtech bows not sold over the internet come with a non-transferable lifetime warranty to the registered original owner.

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The following exclusions apply:. Damage caused by abuse, mishandling, dry-firing, alteration or modification to original product. Other excluded damages are those resulting from either loose mod screws or shooting arrows less the five grains per pound of draw weight.

Bowtech products purchased through the internet are not warrantied. Take your bow to your local dealer, preferably the dealer you purchased it from. At that point, the Dealer will contact our Parts and Service Department to determine together with our technicians if it is necessary to send the product back to the factory for further inspection, or if the issue can be easily resolved by sending parts directly to the Dealer.

In our downloadable manual database. There will be a fps difference between the settings on the PowerDisc. The Performance setting 1 will give you the most performance of the bow, while the Comfort setting 3 will give you a ultra smooth draw cycle.

Unfortunately the FLX guard technology is not compatible with or prior risers. Since the design of the riser is unique to the model of bow we do not have universal options for this technology. Your local Dealer will be happy to recommend accessories for you based on your shooting style and needs. This is more easily done in their shop since they have the benefit of working with you in person. In most cases, they will be able set you up right then and there.

Your draw length module is determined by the year and model of your bow.

Bow Report: Bowtech Prodigy

See our Manuals section. Based on your bow model, and the model year, you can find your string and cable lengths in our Manuals section. Bowtech utilizes the most state of the art string making techniques in the compound bow industry.These are super nice and smooth bows for their age.

Taken a couple of elk with it. Comes with a tru glo sight and a trophy ridge whisker biscuit rest. Like new bowtech RPM I will entertain offers. Fully loaded with all accessories.

Every is like brand new. Not even dust on this bow. It has been in the hard case the whole time. This bow was all set Stretch breathable mesh upper expand with your foot when you run and they more comfortable closely fit to help you reduce irritation.

Bowtech Prodigy VS Wild Hogs

Bowtech -Bow-Tech-bowtech-carbon-rose-black-Padded sandwich mesh tongue provides ventilation and helps reduce lace pressure on top of the foot. These Laser Grips are an awesome addition to your Hunting gear. May fit other newer model Bows as well, these Set up to be 70 pound and 29 draw length. Draw weight and length easily adjusted by cam. No need for bow press. Binary cam design.

Lots of extras. Has a 1 pin pro series sight, Apache drop away rest, saunders hyperglide cable slide, limb Bowtech boss 70lb right hand I bought this bow brand new last September and registered it with Bowtech. Still under factory warranty. Includes code red micro restbee stinger mountoctane Bowtech carbon fiber quiver.

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