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The device has a satisfying weight to it that is comfortable to hold, and offers a premium experience that is very much lacking from the first-party options. One of my biggest complaints with the PS4 has always been the first-party controllers. They have a lightweight, cheap plastic feel, and they are prone to squeaking and stuck shoulder buttons. The C40 feels exponentially better than a DualShock 4 thanks to it being made from higher quality materials, and having a slightly wider base for grips.

The C40 becomes something entirely different when the screws come out and the customization begins. The first thing I did was to swap the placement of the left analog stick and the dpad.

astro c40 manual

I prefer the asymmetrical thumbstick layout, and now, thanks to Astro, I can play my PS4 games how I prefer. The C40 stores two different button configurations, and has a manual switch to toggle between them. Unlike some of the programmable controllers on the market, the C40 can be remapped on the fly thanks to a special button well hidden on the underside of the device. This is an awesome feature. I found this particularly useful when I would play a new game, discover a good use for the under buttons, and make a change in moments, without needing to load up the software.

The modular design makes easy to swap things around, as long as the screwdriver was put back into the case after use. Hopefully a future iteration will enable that type of functionality, but in the meantime It will be the only device I use to play games on my PS4. Your email address will not be published. Recommended for you. Click to comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. What's New. Features Yu-Gi-Oh! More What's New. To Top.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.The C40 TR Controller is a fully customizable, high-quality pro controller built for the serious gamer. Durable and serviceable, the C40 TR Controller features swappable, replaceable analog stick and D-Pad modules as well as remappable rear buttons, allowing for multiple configurations and increased speed and accuracy for any playstyle and any genre.

Seamless performance in wired or wireless modes with high-fidelity wireless audio. Free software to create and share custom controller profiles. Setup the controller in either Offset or Parallel configurations. Replaceable Stick Caps provide added customization for a competitive advantage.

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Create and save custom controller mapping and sensitivity profiles, as well as audio EQ profiles. Swap between 2 unique profiles, stored on the controller, with no down time. All Tournament Ready products are designed and developed to meet the demanding specifications of pro gamers. Optimum rear button layout for superior ergonomics improves precision during critical moments.

Mappability streamlines the controller for any genre and playstyle while improving response time and accuracy. Remap buttons directly on the controller with no PC software required. With the on-board Mode Switch, quickly change between Wired and Wireless Modes to adapt to any gaming environment. Browse the sections covering different levels of resources such as quick start guides, set up videos, and product registration for all ASTRO Gaming products.

All C40 TRs come with a 6 month warranty. Technical Specifications RF Transmitter: 2. Download Manual.Upgrade to newest version android firmware on you device, astro c40 firmware update update you current version android firmware to latest version, download newest android firmware.

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C40 TR Wireless Gaming Controller

The actual process of updating the firmware is relatively easy but by knowing the exact process of how to do it will ensure the most secure way when Toggle navigation Guides for upgrade android firmware.

How to Upgrade astro c40 firmware update ? Last update: Home Article Full guides for Download and update android firmware on you device astro c40 firmware update. Full guides for Download and update android firmware on you device astro c40 firmware update. Download Android firmware APK. Watch video How to Upgrade astro c40 firmware update?The C40 TR Controller is a customizable, high-quality pro controller built for the serious gamer.

The C40 TR Controller features swappable, replaceable analog stick and D-Pad modules as well as remappable rear buttons, allowing for multiple configurations for any playstyle and any genre. Orders placed before 3 pm Monday - Friday will be dispatched the same day excluding Bank Holidays. In the unfortunate event that your item has not arrived by the expected delivery date we advise that you first contact your local postal or courier depot to ensure the goods are not awaiting collection, please also ensure that no calling cards or notes have been left stating that a delivery had been attempted.

Instructions on what to do next will be provided on the calling cards if this is the case.

astro c40 manual

In the event that no card has been left please, contact your local depot for further information. Lime Pro Gaming shall have no liability to you for any failure to deliver goods you have ordered or any delay in doing so or for any damage or defect to goods delivered that is caused by any event or circumstance beyond its reasonable control.

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When returning please ensure we have issued a returns form to you and that this is completed fully as indicated prior to returning your item. Please make sure the item is wrapped securely to avoid damage. Please note we can only accept a faulty return if your item is returned complete including all the original manufacturers packaging, so please do not throw this away upon purchase or we will not be able to accept the item back.

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Please note if the goods have already been shipped the item will need to be returned before a refund can be processed. Prices displayed in other currencies are approximate - you will be charged in GBP. Credit is like a credit card, without the plastic. This durable A10 Headset features golden runes, Lens of Truth,Hope you guys are all doing well, and today we're going to be taking a look at the new Astro C40 and comparing it directly against the SCUF Vantage. Now both of these two are compatible with the PC, but they're mainly designed for the PlayStation 4 console, which is getting to be quite reasonably priced, unlike these controllers which actually cost about two thirds of the console that they're compatible with, which is definitely a huge chunk of change.

We're going to address the reason why they cost so much, talk about the ergonomic features, the design, as well as the customization options that each of them present. So if you're interested in getting the ultimate PlayStation 4 controller, this is the perfect video for you, and let's get right into it. Now firstly, let's talk about the design of both of these two high end controllers and see how they fit in in the hand.

It is also a little bit heavier, weighing around grams versus the Vantage is around grams with the vibration motors inside. If you do take out the vibration motors, it weighs about grams and in the hand of the SCUF Vantage feels very similar to the original DualShock 4 Controller. You can also see design shape wise. It's very inspired by that Sony design, which is great if you're looking for something familiar to the original PlayStation design, but I am personally more of a fan of the C It feels a lot more secure in the hand.

I love the rubberized texture grip at the bottom, and just from a general comfort level based on my hand size, I slightly prefer it over the SCUF, especially for prolonged gaming sessions. Now one of the cool things about the SCUF is that you definitely have a lot more buttons to play with a compared to to the Astro. You have two left right side or Sax buttons as they call them. At the back of the Astro C40 has two rear mounted paddle buttons versus we have four on the SCUF Vantage, which is awesome in terms of giving you more controllability options, more options in terms of revamping specific commands in your games, but accessing those paddles and especially those side mounted Sax buttons are always a little bit awkward at times and especially if you're in an in game, competitive gaming environment, the placement perhaps may not be optimal for everybody out there, versus the C40 TR doesn't have the amount of button options as we found on the SCUF, and ergonomically due to the shape of the controller, you have access to all your main controls in a very convenient fashion, and without the extra buttons, there's nothing really getting in your way, and sometimes less is certainly more.

Of course button placement and the number of buttons is definitely an individual factor depending upon one gaming style and what games you particularly want to play with these higher end controllers. So this is always going to be a subjective matter nonetheless. Now in terms of the build material and overall fit and finish of the controllers, both are relatively good, but I do have to give it to the Astro C40 again.

The level of quality on the polycarbonate and rubberized finishes feels nicer in the hand, and most importantly the switches that Logitech is using a to make the Astro C40 definitely feel a lot more premium, specifically when you start comparing the shape of buttons to the SCUF Vantage. The SCUF Vantage feels a little bit more loose, less connected compared to the nicely dampened buttons that we have on the Astro and is a similar story, when you compare the feel of the triggers, analog, thumb sticks and D-pads, the Astro in pretty much every way feels like a more well thought out premium built controller versus the input field that you're going to encounter on the SCUF isn't dramatically different from other third party manufacturers that are offering controllers at a much lower price point.

Now moving forward, even though the design round might go to the Astro C40, I definitely think that the SCUF Vantage has some tricks up its sleeve, and that is definitely customization. Now, SCUF is pretty much renowned for the ability to customize pretty much anything you can think of on a controller, and the Vantage is certainly no exception. Started with the removable face plate, basically any color combination you can think of, you can configure it. This controller with, there's also different themes that you can print onto the controller.

The thumb sticks have different lengths available as well as different cap textures, whether that's convex or concave, you can swap out the anti-friction thumb sticks rings themselves for different color combinations. The D-pad can be configured to a standard cross or one that's circular for better implementing dialogues and RPG games, for example. As we mentioned before, you can take out the vibration modules if you want a lighter controller and eliminate the vibration.

You can also have either a left right weight distribution bias, which is cool, and the triggers themselves have a pretty decent level of customization. You actually have two trigger covers to choose from. One is kind of a standard 1.

Obviously we do have manual positioning for the hair trigger mode which will limit the range of the triggers themselves, and what's really amazing is that you can actually configure the level of tension on the L and R two triggers themselves by using the key and turning it clockwise for more tension and counterclockwise for less tension.

That is a pretty darn remarkable. Now the Astro C40 definitely doesn't have the amount of individual customization options that we have on the SCUF Vantage, but there are some cool attributes nonetheless.Xbox One users have had an excellent premium controller option, the Xbox Elite, since PlayStation 4 users have never really had a comparable controller option.

Enter the Astro C40 TR. But the best PS4 controller on the market has one rather huge downside: Price. Everything but the inputs, front faceplate, and touchpad is covered with a rubberized matte finish. The matte look also helps to conceal fingerprints. After a five hour session, I set the controller down and it looked the same as when I had picked it up.

It weighs just under 11 ounces, which is a big bump compared to the 7. When looking at the C40 TR out of the box, it resembles the layout of a PS4 controller: The symmetrical joystick placements, d-pad across from the four action buttons, PlayStation, Share, and Options buttons in the same position, etc. The joysticks have extremely slick and precise action.

The d-pad has a traditional look, but each direction slopes slightly inward to the center. I found this design to make it easier to toggle back and forth when playing fighting games like Mortal Kombat The face buttons, as a whole, feel on par with the DualShock 4.

That trend continues with the triggers up top. Sliders on the back of the controller can switch the pull mechanism for each trigger. The main additions to the standard PS4 controller build are also found on the back of the controller. UL and UR triggers curve around the back grips, lining up pretty perfectly with where your middle fingers typically rest. The UL and UR triggers can be remapped while playing by using a small button found between them.

Why would you need these, though? Essentially, back triggers let you keep your fingers on the sticks and triggers at all time, eliminating the need to quickly switch off of the right thumbstick to press a face button. The amount of time you save is admittedly minimal, but when playing competitively, even fractions of seconds matter.

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UL and UR allowed me to reload weapons and use action buttons without having to reposition my hands. Though it does have the touchpad — now shaped more like a U — the lightbar is much smaller and located on the lower half of the pad rather than the top of the controller. The design is not without a few faults. You cannot turn your PS4 on with the PlayStation button. The MicroUSB charging port is located in a surprisingly deep nook between the top triggers.

The included charging cable has the right shape to fit snugly, but some of my other MicroUSB cables cannot access the port. You can also use it as a wired controller by toggling a switch on top. The main appeal of premium controllers is customization, and the Astro C40 TR is virtually unrivaled in the customization department.

The controller comes with a sturdy nylon carrying case, complete with a mesh pocket for the charging cord and an inlay holding the wireless adapter, four extra joysticks, and a small hex key. The front faceplate is held together with four hex screws that can be easily popped off. The joystick and d-pad modules can be swapped around with ease thanks to small magnetic slots.

You can quickly change to the offset Xbox One controller layout with your joysticks in about a minute. The joysticks themselves can be swapped out with the the replacements in the case should they get worn out or you simply want a different style.

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The controller comes with three spare domed sticks similar to the DualShock 3 design and one spare concave stick. For many, the customization features provided right out of the box will be more than enough. But the C40 TR also has included software to let really fine-tune your experience.To properly display this page you need a browser with JavaScript support.

This list is regularly updated. Click the button below to be sure you are looking at the latest version. However, any headset that can connect directly to the console it was designed for, either wired or wireless should work fine.

There may be others, we will update the list as often as we can. If you come across a headset that works and should be added to this page, please let us know :.

ASTRO C40 TR Controller - Unboxing + Setup for PS4 and PC

Note: Always check to make sure your headset is updated with the latest firmware if applicable. PlayStation 4. Known working headset solutions for the PS4 Console. This allows you to connect almost any brand, wired headset that has 3.

astro c40 manual

Note: Some "classic" headsets have 2 x TRS 3. You can buy this adapter in our store very cheaply click here. Click Here for more information on setting up your headphone audio options on your PS4. Feel free to adjust the settings to your own liking. There may be many more, these are simply the ones we have tested ourselves. Note: Check that the mic isn't muted - this happens a lot apparently.

Sony Wireless Stereo Headset 2. Sony Wireless Stereo Headset.

Astro C40 manual

Any other compatible Bluetooth or Wireless System headset that connects directly to the PlayStation 4 console. Xbox One. Known working headset solutions for the Xbox One Console. Astro A50 Wireless Headset Gen 3. Gen 3 connects to the console.

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Kinect 2. Sound through the TV speakers.

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